Create your own sex game

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Build your perfect girl! Thank you for making the time to take this survey!!! During the following questionnaire you'll be asked specific questions about your ideal 2D girls physical and personality traits along with an exploration of your sexual desires and fetishes. What gender do you identify as? Other please specify. Now let's start building your ideal girl! Please choose a breast size : Very small. Please choose a nipple size : Very small. Please choose a butt size : Very small. Please choose a body composition : Very thin. Slim and slender. Please choose a skin tone : Dark.

Tanned with Tan Lines. Please choose a hair color : Blonde. Platinum blonde. Please choose a hair length : Very short. Very long. Please choose a general hair style : Straight. Please choose an eye color : Blue. Heterochromia Each eye a different colour.

Non-natural purple, red, black. Choose up to 3 of the following accessories for your girl: None. Cat Ears. Cat Tail. Nose Piercing. Lip Piercing. Belly Button Piercing. Ear Piercing. Tattoos Minimally tattooed. Tattoos Heavily tattooed. Bow in Hair. Pinup Vintage. Please choose a personality type : Shy and introverted. Sexy and aggressive. Fun and outgoing. Wild and crazy. Nerdy and quirky. Smart and kind. Jaded and depressed. Bossy and egotistical. How vulgar is she in private? Very Innocent Very Vulgar. How does she write to you?

Stern and aggressive. Dismissive and cold. Sarcastic and funny. Caring and kind. Bossy and demanding. Submissive and needy. Please choose a career for your girl: Student. Social Media Influencer. Beauty Industry. Tennis Player. Volleyball Player. Pro Video Game Player. Video Game Developer. Software Developer. Graphic Deer. Law Enforcement. What kind of pet does she have? Hates Pets.

Choose up to 5 of the following hobbies she has: Music. Watching Anime. Reading Manga. Reading Novels. Playing Board Games. Playing Video Games. Going to Movies. Martial arts. Working out. Collecting figures, trading cards, coins, etc. High-power rocketry. This following portion of the survey covers sexuality and fetishes. During sex would you prefer your partner to be submissive, equal, or dominating? Please rate the following sexual positions according to your preference:. Missionary Not Appealing at all Very Appealing. Doggy Style. Reverse Cowgirl.

Blowjob standard. Blowjob deep throat. Cunnilingus stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips. Please rate the following general sexual fetishes and according to your preference:. Anal Sex. Voyeurism watching others have sex. Public sex in a public place such as a park, public bathroom, stairwell, etc. Foot Fetish. Pregnancy Fetish. Role Play. Urophilia water sports, golden showers, pee, etc. Double Penetration. Lingerie and Underwear Fetish. Rough Sex. Solo Female. Please rate the following hentai specific sexual fetishes and according to your preference:. X-ray can see inside the body Not Appealing at all Very Appealing.

Cumflation overflowing with cum, causing the entire body to swell up like a balloon. Ahegao exaggerated facial expression of characters usually females during sex. Furry anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Futanari characters who have an overall feminine body, but have both female and male genitalia although testicles are not always present.

Create your own sex game

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