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By Stan , April 17, in News. Players that haven't played the game for a while can now claim 7 days of free game time until April 30, We're not exactly sure how long must your be inactive in order to receive the gift, but we'll update this thread when we find out! The game time can only be redeemed until April 30, If you decide to activate your now, make sure to check out what's going on this week in WoW! It has to be at least 6 months, as my has been inactive since early Oct and I don't have a gift sitting in that tab.

It might be that this gift Or conditions to be eligible are triggered when the servers reboot Including servers? So if you're on EU, you may have the gift waiting for you in a few hours. I stopped in January myself and haven't received the gift yet either EU. Well they are prolly giving it to the people that have Legion but didnt play for a yet to be determined amount of time because they were busy with rl stuff or couldnt afford it.

Always the same. If you are paying player you are fucked. Why does every company fuck the "loyal" player and only give "new" or not paying members of the community something. This is a fucking joke! The whole purpose of the free time is to entice people back to the game. That's hardly necessary for current subscribers and totally understandable. I stopped playing shortly before tomb of sargeras' raid opened, seen a bit of that new isle daily quest tower thing where everybody collaborates, done that chapel dungeon and that's decided to quit. However, he is not wrong.

Take a look at the advertising of banks e. A special offer with higher interest rates - only for "new" money, new s. As a customer, you are already with a company - and that's why you are way less interesting then somebody else that the company MAY get as a new customer. Sometimes it feels like a joke, I am quite with you there. You are with your bank for 20 years.

Maybe even with quite some money. Not millions, but let's say 50 or something like that. Sure, that's not much. But it aint nothing either. And yet everyone who is a new client and who puts maybe bucks into his is better treated than you are. Like I said, I understand the logic - why care about somebody who is already your client. Nevertheless you definitly get the correct impression that you are not appreciated as a client.

Which may even le to looking for a change. Which - ironically - will make you interesting for the company who didn't care about you for years. Yea but this is more made for the people that stopped playing during Legion i guess rather then new players. Well, I stopped playing a little over a year ago right as Nighthold released. No free week received here yet.

Man, I must have stopped too late. I stopped mid-tomb and I didn't receive it. Edit: For those who did receive it, did you have the game installed still? I had uninstalled it. Never mind. No gifts waiting. Thought my third might about 3 years now. May not apply since it is linked to my active . Hi Stan I just registered to say thank you for sharing the event that happened in April. Do you know of any future free wow game time giveaways from Blizzard will be? I haven't played in a long time and want to start back but don't have any money right now :.

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Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Stan 3, Report post. Posted April 17, Open the Blizzard Battle. Click the glowing Gift Button located next to your BattleTag in the upper right. Click Claim. A notification will pop-up whenever you have new Gifts to claim. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. WraLiquid 0. PatrickHenry Yridaa Posted April 18, I have not played since and am considering getting back in Koxsos Jimbobaus 0. Marick Calysia Mandibleclaw 0. I received the 7 days free gift. Orthios Brauchief 6.

Posted April 18, edited. TDRare No big deal either way. Not worth being upset about it, IMHO. Sharknad0 Posted April 19, I cannot find the "Gifts" tab. Todd 6.

Free wow game time 2018

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