Game of thrones dragon sex

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But I will say this: Those dragons are going to play a huge role in these last episodes. Pretty busy getting busy , if you know what I mean. Fuck in front of a corpse, sure. But an actual dead body? That leaves Rhaegal and Drogon. The move actually makes sense, from both a plot and production standpoint. Game of Thrones has always been known for its epic epicness, along with lots of sex. Why not combine those two elements with some majorly epic dragon screwing? Take, for instance, a few seasons back, when Mama Dragon put her kids in timeout in that dungeon in Meereen because Drogon got caught barbecuing the local human children.

You know, go out with a bang? A grand-scale bang. Or a scaly grand one, depending on how well Mama Daenerys has imparted her wisdom in the art of pleasuring a partner. We contacted George R. Martin, author of the book series on which the show is based, shortly after the news broke to learn his thoughts on the matter.

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Game of thrones dragon sex

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‘Game of Thrones’ Is Finally Going to Show Us Some Dragon Sex