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Viewer discretion is advised. So yeah, I know you've all been waiting for a while, but my last project got kind of scrapped because a lot of systems didn't work out as expected, but now, I'm happy to bring you my latest project which will give all the boys a run for their money. In this utopian society, there only exists women. Nothing more than beautiful girls in the summer wind, living their carefree lives in silence. However, there exists one. A man. He has claimed this world as his own. He calls it a "Harem". Many of us have risen up in rebellion against this man, but due to the folly and the jealousy that envelops women's hearts, most have turned against each other in a desperate struggle for recognition and fame.

It is up to you and your faithful companions to test the bonds among other various methods of courage and strength, while pursuing the rampaging threat across the land only known as "him". Bio: Arin responds dramatically to the ever changing world around her, but the recent uprising of the world's perverts has driven her to lock herself inside her home, contemplating her solitude. Her only companion is Mika, who Arin despises with every bit of her breath. Her cold and standoffish attitude gives other a negative vibe, but deep down inside, Arin is a kind soul at heart.

Bio: Mika is a pervert, plain and simple. She loves everything sex related and can't wait to get a hold of someone to give her some attention. She's always looking for a good time, reading up on the latest Eroge and Manga while quietly "satisfying" herself. Mika claims Arin as her best friend, and is very emotionally attached to her. Bio: Friedelinde is the Captain of the militia in Providencia, and reports directly to Captain Lutie for her services. She is a very determined warrior, taking part in countless battles in the past. She lets her blade speak for her emotions, using her overpowering strength to easily crush foes.

Due to this, however, her spiritual tandem is weak, making her vulnerable to magical attacks and being equivalently weak as a spellcaster in general. Hope you have a pleasant day, and try not to get corrupted. Looks amazing I'll definitely support this.

Actually, that would be a great idea. If you can resend me that title screen you made for me on a black background, I can link it in my sig. Pwetty pwease. Not really a fan of games with self-inserts, but as I helped you make this, and my horniness is rising to the max I can't wait to play it! Lol, this should be interesting. I can't wait to see if DP3 makes an LP of this, that would be great. Anyway, good luck with this. DP would be scarred for life. But I really don't want to give him another game to play; he already has a lot of games to play and he's juggling real life, too.

Not excited no offense but good luck I am sure other people besides me would love games that only has females and. The game now comes with a "Tales of Graces" style Teleport System. You can teleport to any location on the World Map, detailed above, and you can also scan hidden locations to uncover new dungeons or areas, which may provide you with Side Quests or accessories that you can't get anywhere else.

By snooping around the status feed, I managed to find a demo to your game. Sorry if you didn't intend it for anyone else considering you haven't updated your thread with it. Here are my thoughts anyway:. Personally, I prefer you only give information on aspects that can potentially be foreign to players the FTB system, the way equipment works, and journals are a few examples , and leave the rest for the player to figure out on their own.

This way, players will feel like their knowledge about your game is much more genuine, as oppose to throwing about massive walls of text and turning off players who are a bit more impatient like me. Your tutorials could be plused if they had some sort of visual to go along with these long-winded explanations They can just be simple snapshots of the equipment menu, there are plenty of tricks you can do with pictures. She lives in a HUGE house. This isn't hard to fix, though. Try to keep your gaps in the interiors around 2 tiles wide, maybe no more than 3.

This way, you can convey an area that doesn't looked cramped, but at the same time doesn't look too large and empty. Your shops are the worst offenders of this, by the way. When I check her skills, however, she doesn't have this skill at all. Don't treat gameplay and story as two separate entities, make them work together. Give her that ice skill, or change the scripted attack to something else. Sometimes minor inconsistencies like that could make people cringe. You somehow manage to take such an immature theme and tame it enough to not make it off-putting. Also I think Arin's hornier than Mika, but that's just me.

Like, if you want to use one of your apples, you have to select "item" in the text, but THEN you have more options for general, key items, and other crap that doesn't do anything but waste the player's time in getting to what they need don't do this. I understand RPG's are meant to be methodical, but that doesn't mean you need to add elements needlessly to slow down the pace of the game. If the player dies yes, the enemies are ridiculously easy, making it unlikely, but it CAN happen so you still need to address it they'd have to go through all the long-winded, overblown tutorials again and your game will quickly wear out its welcome.

So this game does need some work, but minus the ridiculously boring intro segment I kind of enjoyed this. I'll stay tuned for more! These are all fairly good points. However, I want players, even novice ones, to understand most knowledge that is imparted on them. And I fancy myself a bit of writing anyway. I took your advice and removed the Item Menu; there's little reason I was using it in the first place, as there will only be food, restorative items, and key items.

I have also debated moving the positions of the Save Crystals in the Towns so they are more accessible. You're supposed to start off with no skills, but I just wanted to show players about weaknesses. How would you suggest going about that, given the limitation? That's a good aim, but you don't have do it in a matter that is boring. Just try to leave out information that is self-explanatory or stuff that players can easily figure out for themselves. You don't need to completely overhaul it though I'd personally prefer if you added more visual elements to your tutorial as oppose to plain text , but I think it needs to be more concise.

Why not start off with a few skills? They not only allow an expansion to the strategic elements of the game, they also add variety. Having to mash the attack command repeatedly, without having the option to do much else, makes for a boring start. That being said, one or two "starter" skills wouldn't be a bad thing in my view, and to balance it off with your skill shop system, you can make these skills slightly weaker than the ones you buy at shops, so that the player has a bit more incentive to use those shops. By the way, thank you! It's kind of rare to see someone respond so well to critique, and I'm glad you are listening.

I'll try finish your demo as soon as I can. The Demo, I believe, is now ready for testing. If you find any bugs or errors, or would just simply like to share your feedback on the Demo or give insights as to how I can improve the game, post them here. The demo is about an hour and a half long in it's entirety if you decide to do every Side Quest available at this point. There's more content, primarily, but I've also fixed the problem with having skills at the start of the game and the small Battlebacks.

Go ahead! I'm thrilled to hear what you have to say. I'm playing your game right now and I think the only problem i see so far is that some of the words go off of the talk box? This is the latest patch, which includes lots more content, a new Dungeon, and more beautiful stuff, if you know what I'm talking about. This will also be added to the first post. Given that statement though, I'm now obligated to do it Besides, seeing if DP3 has enough restraint to not Archived Games -Projects that have been inactive for 12 months are stored here.

Search In. Recommended Posts. Radiant Arin Posted May 16, edited. Likes: Intellectuality, Cooking, Gathering fruits, Travelling Dislikes: Mika, Hentai, Eroge, bondage, candles, pomegranates, perverts Bio: Arin responds dramatically to the ever changing world around her, but the recent uprising of the world's perverts has driven her to lock herself inside her home, contemplating her solitude. Or everything, she doesn't give a damn. Likes: Arin, Eroge, Hentai, bondage, whips, starberries, oranges Dislikes: Scary monsters, ghosts, Reading, travelling with other people besides Arin Bio: Mika is a pervert, plain and simple.

Likes: Battle, looking out to the ocean, calmness. Dislikes: Death, sacrifice, loneliness. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Ocedic Posted May 16, Your warning promised smut but I see none. I'm disappointed. Glad to see you working on another project! Cecillia Ratty VenomTDA Sievnn My first reaction is : Wat?

Not excited no offense but good luck I am sure other people besides me would love games that only has females and based on one idea and doesn't seem to show mystery. Edited May 16, by Sievnn. Posted May 19, Here are my thoughts anyway: - The first part is so freakin' didactic it's mind-numbing. Arin, hornier than Mika? I sincerely doubt that.

Harem rpg maker game

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