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Your Favorite Games 0 games. My Little Pony Games Sofia the First Games Frozen Games Talking Friends Games Girl Games Boys Games Princess Games Minecraft Games Barbie Games Masha and the Bear Games Wow Wow Wubbzy Games 12 Beyblade Games 34 Show All . Looney Tunes Games - We have 94 games in this category! Sort by Date Played Rating. If you like our site, about Looney Tunes Games! Today one of those new that we have decided to bring to you is dedicated to the characters from the Looney Tunes serie.

We are extremly excited to finally offer you the category dediacted to all your friends from Looney Tunes and we hope that you will have alot of fun while you will try each game that we have in store for you. We have decided that now is the perfect moment to bring you more new and amazing online games to play, new games for you and your friends. All these games that we have in store for you have to be placed in special and we make sure to bring you more and more new every day, especially for you.

The serie are some of the oldest animated series in history appearing in different forms, such as mini series, short movies and animated movies in which you were always impressed by how funny these characters are and how much fun we have together. In this new and fun category of games we promise you that we will bring you more and more new and fun games from all the serie and movies with Looney Tunes, making sure you will have each character in our games.

Luckly for you, the admistrative team of games-kids. We will try to talk a little about few of thr characters from Looney Tunes and we will start with the famous Bugs Bunny, the grey rabbit with the ability to talk and walk on two legs, with a passive personality , known for his tricks and frase " What's up Doc? Daffy Duck is as hilarious as Bugs Bunny and in the series they get from enemies, to frenemies and than to friends. He is always funny and loved to make fun of others and play tricks. Porky Pig is also one very known and old Looney Tunes character, a pink fac little pig, who is unable to pronounce the words corectly.

We would also like to talk a little about Tweety and his enemy, Sylvester. Tweety is a beautiful and funny yelllow canary who is always chased by Sylvester who want to eat him, but fails each time, they are even a little resembling with Tom and Jerry, and they are very funny together. Now that we have talked about a few of the characters, we would love if you could us and have fun with your friends from the Looney Tunes series. We promise to bring you all the possible games with them and see you enjoying each one.

Do not hesitate to comment at each game and let us know what is your opinion about it. Once again, thank you for being here with us every day and playing all the games that we have for you, on games-kids. . Cancel Send .

Looney tunes games online for free

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