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Forums :: Help Me! Posts s: first 1 2 next last. McBick McBick View games View playlists Close. Also is there a way to automatically open up a game in a smaller window mode besides opening it with an editor and running it? I don't mean adjusting the size of the screen when it is opened, but before it opens. Edit: Engine is rm2k3. Shinan Shinan View games View playlists Close. What engine? Sometimes there's a config file you can edit to make it windowed. Occasionally the classic ctrl-enter also works. And the best games have a "full-screen checkbox in an option menu somewhere".

Sorry, forgot to put engine. Engine: rm2k3. KingArthur View games View playlists Close. The short answer is, yes, you can play in full screen even if Windows is telling you the lowest resolution it can go is x NewBlack doom. NewBlack View games View playlists Close. Can you explain how? I have the latest directx as well. I can however play in window mode if I test the game in the editor. The game automatically opens in full window. I'm asking if I can open it up in a small window automatically.

Versalia must be all that rtp in your diet. Versalia View games View playlists Close. Run the game from inside the editor. I'd look at Cherry's posts here, I think he mentioned them in a topic in this section of the forums a long while ago. Can you explain how its possible to play full screen if my monitor doesn't support anything below x?

I couldn't before because the editor would crash if I opened the game in it and I can't play full screen because my monitor doesn't support the resolution. Edit: I tried that method, but I don't think that works for my os Windows 7. Usually it tends to automatically upscale it. Making it look a bit fuzzy at the edges and generally fugly.

I just downloaded one of cherry's patches which stretches the game to the resolution I have set, so I can now play in full screen. Also I'm still looking for a way to automatically open the game in window mode. I'd still like to know if its possible to play full screen if my monitor doesn't support anything lower then x, that doesn't need patches to the engine. McBick Can you explain how its possible to play full screen if my monitor doesn't support anything below x?

I personally don't have problems though I did have problems on an older machine with an ATI video card; my current machine has an Nvidia , and that's why I said the short answer was "yes". The good news is that it isn't impossible, but I'm afraid you're going to have to experiment here.

Did you take note that the command line parameters need to be in a specific place ie: first parameter, second parameter, etc. I doubt Windows 7 handles shortcuts differently from XP and older. Yes, I read the comments below the tutorial, but it kept telling me invalid target. These are the parameters I added. Perhaps my. I doubt it thought, just got the computer a year ago. Edit: I just checked I have the latest, so guess its not my. Oh, I didn't space them. It works now thanks. I don't think its my card because I can play full screen on my other two monitors.

They both go up to x resolution. I don't use them because they're already in use. Monitors also play a part since, in theory, a video card can render any resolution or should, anyway , only being limited by the monitor the video card is attached to. Obviously, if your video card wasn't up to par then that'd also be a problem, but it's probably not given your statement. Best way is to simply experiment as I mentioned earlier; there's no universal solution since everyone's computer has an almost unique combination of hardware and software.

Cherry View games View playlists Close. Because regularely people have problems with fullscreen, I created a tool called " AnotherFullscreenMode ", which allows you to play any RM2k 3 game in fullscreen without changing the resolution - the image will be scaled. Additionally, you can use filters Scale2x and hq2x for a better quality. First, start your game in windowed mode, use the TestPlay ShowTitle Window thing mentioned earlier in this thread.

Then start AnotherFullscreenMode. s: first 1 2 next last. The Network. New to RMN? What is Makerscore?

Rpg maker game full screen

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Is there a way to make the game full screen?