Series craving game of thrones

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The dark fantasy drama was a runaway success and kept audiences guessing from episode to episode across eight seasons. The Game of Thrones finale may have had had fans divided, but we were all left with a GOT-shaped hole in our lives. Historical drama The Last Kingdom is set way back in the year and follows a Saxon boy who is raised by invading Danes. Now a man, he must choose a side as the soon-to-be-known King Alfred the Great looks to create one combined kingdom.

The clue is in the title for this one, a historical series centred around the Vikings. The show was inspired by the legend of Ragnar Lodbrok who, in the series, rises from a farmer to king with the support of his warriors. Outlander is a time travel whirlwind which sees English nurse Claire inexplicably fall through time from her life in , to a land of warriors and danger in Scotland, Great for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean as well as anyone wondering what to watch after Game of Thrones. The swash-buckling adventure series Black Sails is centred around crew of pirates. The show is an imagined prequel to the famous novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, set two decades earlier.

This series follows the battles of legendary gladiator Spartacus who, in ancient Rome, fights for freedom to save his beloved wife from a life of slavery. He is linked through destiny to the magical princess Cintra and also encounters Yennefer of Vengerberg, who is a quarter-elf sorceress of course.

One for anybody who has been looking for a dose of the fantastical in a series like Game of Thrones. The Emmy-nominated show American Gods is set in the present day and follows the conflict between the Old Gods and the rising New Gods as they battle it out on earth. Although it only ran for one series, fans of GOT could enjoy this historical drama set in Wales in the 14 th century.

After his village is burned down, protagonist Wilkin takes on the identity of an executioner named Maddox and le a double life as he tries to find those who murdered his people. Dominic Cooper stars as a violent preacher with special powers, who teams us with an Irish vampire and his volatile ex-girlfriend.

The show is based on the DC comic book series. Gangs of London follows the rival gangs and criminal organisations of the capital following the assassination of the head of the most powerful family. His son must take his place and find answers among the violent international players of the city.

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Series craving game of thrones

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11 book series to satisfy your Game of Thrones cravings