Sex stories games

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Jump to your favorite category. Stories where Couple share games that bring marriage heat. My loving wife knew just how to give me the intense sense of release and relaxation I needed to face finals calmly Up top, she had on a figure-clinging white blouse.

Her shoulder-length blonde hair was in a businesslike ponytail, It was our first Valentine's day after our wedding, and we planned to have dinner out. I dressed up and…. This story contains strong language L. My husband and I love sending texts and calls for our…. October When I arrive home from my office, my wife excitedly announced that she had arranged a…. This post contains strong language L. Learn more about annotations in our guidelines.

This story contains strong language L and anal play A. You can read about annotations in our guidelines. In my last post, Oil Fire, I talked about one of the ways we keep the fire of our married intimacy burning…. The shelter in place order had been in effect for three weeks, and I was getting antsy. It was nice to…. Opening the drawer, blue first caught my eye. Leaving the couch and disappearing into the bedroom, she returned wearing a pearl g-string and pigtails.

Sex stories games

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Sex Stories